Here at The Junkyard were always looking for a little fun and when NE Love Magazine editor Juin calls us up we know were in for a treat. Walk of Shame.. that was the brief set by Juin for the NE Love Christmas issue. Sounds like fun and before we knew it elaborate ideas started flying around our heads, there was one condition of the shoot.. who did NE Love want to model? contributors to the magazine.. yep you guessed it.. that meant our guys were roped into modelling, however conveniently for him Chris was drinking cocktails and sunning himself abroad somewhere and Kayla managed to get out out of modelling.. well who was gonna take the photos if Kayla was in them? that left just Toria & Rachelle (they love it really and can't say they're not used to it by now). Anyway always up for the challenge, Kayla set Juin on the task of sourcing a shopping trolley for the shoot intentionally leaving out why it was needed (little did they know we'd be putting them in it at the top of a hill- hehe). Our first challenge after convincing the girls to model, we were shooting at midday something that was meant to be taking place during the early hours of the morning in darkness the only light being that of street lights.. the challenge was making the images look asthough they were shot at night.. oh and to make our models not look asthough they were freezing to death (it was an exceptionally cold day). So after getting our models (Juin, Craig, Toria, Rachelle & Michael) to ride trolleys, crawl along cobbled roads of the quayside and fall out of taxis we had some pretty hilarious and badass "walk of shame" images that we hope you like as much as we do.. you can Check out the collaboration with our friends over at NE Love magazine here. http://www.flipsnack.com/588F967EFB5/ne-love-mag-13th-edition-website.html

So until the next NE Love collab we all need a coffee and a sit down, oh and a hot water bottle to de-ice our staff.

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