Our 3rd Collection is here!!!

It's finally here.. our 3rd collection.. (can you believe it)

Massive thank you to everyone involved.. dream team right there!! <3

People often wonder why we find it so important to create a collection every year.. .. well let us tell you.. We pride ourself on our creative and hardworking team and what they are capable of. We don't want to use generic stock images to advertise.. why would we when we've got these clever eggs working with us. Our collection allows us to showcase the work our team produces on a daily basis. You'll never see us use a stock image or piece of work we haven't created for advertising. <3

The Junkyard Creative Hairdressing and Photographic Studio Collection '16 Hair by Toria Swales, Rachelle Summerson-Wright, Chris Waugh, Kat Rooney Photography by Kayla Wren Makeup by Ellen Wilson Styling by The Junkyard Creative Models Laura, Liz, Christian, Emily

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